“Blanquitud” Considerations on racism as a specifically modern phenomenon*

“Otherness appears as hostility only when and where a community or collective subject chooses to understand and practice its self-assertion as an act of self-preservation or selbsterhaltung (as Horkheimer called it), instead of realizing it as a self-opening or selbstpreisgabe . To save and protect identity as an object that might disappear -instead of bringing it into play as an event that could be revitalized and strengthened it is confrontation with other identities- is of course a suicidal strategy; the same steps leading to self-preservation can drive as well toerosion, if time is kept in mind; or to decomposition, if the self critical consistency of identity is taken into account. Nevertheless it is a strategy that seems to be inevitable under the conditions of scarcity. Every community understands the singularity of its own selfness as the reason why the gods select it as a preferred or “chosen people”, superior to the others.”