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After the restructuring of the lives of all beings on the planet due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the relationships human beings will have with the natural and social environment that surrounds us will have changed, from the personal field with our beings loved to the geostrategic among nations of the world, the control mechanisms of the virus has unleashed a wave of new phenomena, on the one hand individual containment for health safety has unleashed new forms of communication and ways to relate, which can be used as means of control by governments or large companies and, on the other hand, the need of global society to affect public life by perceiving a catastrophe not only economic, social and cultural, but also ecological that question the speeches of the establishment that has so far ruled world politics. It is in this context that the imperative need for participation of the citizens of the world arises, this magazine is a platform of progressive ideas for all people who like to participate with their ideas, articles, thoughts, poems, art, analysis or any expression to build creative and inclusive productive forces, open to any group, collective or person, which is why the founding editorial team, promoter and coordinator has preferred to stay of the sidelines, in order that its contributors at some point take different roles, or rather, that we resume in our hands not only a new horizon of social change that claims our immediate needs and share our vision, but allow the conditions of a new social narrative that puts public discussion topics relevant to the present and future generations such as climate change and ecological devastation of the planet, solidarity economy that claims human needs above the market, international aid to poor countries and their debts, energy conversion, culture of communality above consumerist individualism, universal basic income, gender equality, the rights of sexual and ethnic minorities, anti-patriarchalism, among many others, that guide national and international debate and open channels so that they can be implemented through public policies, which are under the supervision of its citizens and not the other way around, that is, that life in society is regulated under the empowerment of its citizenship and so, after the long night let’s build a better tomorrow where there is a true democracy, justice, equality, freedom, solidarity, ecological sustainability, plurality, peace, prosperity, reunion and light in this new reality.

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