Tlemoyotl. Flower y Canto

Dreaming walking 

Walking through dreams

of hopes and struggles

of land, sky and seas

reading books and articles

putting apart the fears

going late to bed to get miracles

the moon and your remembrance 

gives me strength to follow

those ways of love and embrace 

Oh¡¡ forget the pain and sorrow¡¡

I close my eyes and see your silhouette

I find you again beautifully happy

don’t know if i am dreaming 

perhaps awake but still drowsy

between your voice whispering

and my history books of duty 

long nights of effort and walking dreams 

and always you in my memory 

blackberries your sweet kisses

immense delirious endless

loving you was always intense

even now that I do in verses.

Arte abstracto

Picasso tu excepcional trazo

Ahora se denigra

Se valora en especulación y, 

deja nuestros países en atraso,

Subvertirte, rebelarte dibujando

Tus colores los han encarcelado en

Asesinas burbujas monetarias,

¿Cómo subvertirá tus pinturas

esta sociedad retrógrada sin picassos


Ilustraciones por Emilio Morales Ruiz

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