Matteo Debernardi

Trip not requested

The walls are tumbling down
The light passes through the window
Am I breathing?
I am
I’m alive
I keep spending time on doing things
That I probably shouldn’t do
I keep waiting
For the sun to rise
I keep waiting
To not be meaningless
I keep standing
In front of life
Questioning myself
About anything
Was it worth it?
It was
Cause the only thing I’ve been doing
Was losing myself
In my thoughts
In my dreams
In my desires
Am I living?
Am I healing?
I am


Would you say that this was nothing?
Would you say that this was an illusion?
Would you say that this was a joke?
You would be wrong
It was
And it is
And it always will be
A stain
On your skin

Floating Thoughts

I wish I could say
That everything exists for a reason
But when I look around me
I feel the pity
For this world
For humans
Stuck in their life
Deceptively finding the happiness
But they can’t see
That it is around us
You just have to remember
To light up your eyes

Heady perfume

Through the smoke of my cigarette
While the night is getting colder
I sight the blue rose, tattoed on your shoulder
And while we’re one
I sniff your skin
I picture all the places where we’ve been
With or without sun
I write, watching you sleep
And your heady perfume
Gets deep
inside of me

Faded Ink

I wrote on my skin
And now I can see
My desire
My remorse
My freedom
Am I going away?
Time is evil
I watched them from the outside
Fine without consciousness
But now I can’t replace
This Faded Ink

Above the roofs

Little whisper
Float over the roofs
Kiss the moon
Laugh with the stars
Fly over the horizon
And pass it
when you reach it
So you could be
Forever and undeniably
Your meaning:
We’re not alone

Senseless Meaning

Cars keep going
People are laughing
Ignoring the fact
That the future keeps enrolling
Second by second
Minute by minute
Is this all?
Or maybe not
Don’t forget
To not forget


Watch the rain
It keeps falling down
Punching the ground
And our emotions
Punch us in the soul
I can’t see
But I can hear
I hear the sound
Of my soul
It’s sliding away
But my body is stuck
Keep going
Don’t overthink
Or you’re gonna be eaten by your conscience
Don’t let this happen
This is our only shot
Don’t waste it
Have fun
We don’t need to understand


Do you feel it?
That sensation
The one that is wiping your soul?
Do you feel it?
That sensation
That is making you feeling complete
Do you feel it?
I’m digging to find it again
The will
Of loving again someone
Someone who’s gonna turn my life upside down
I’m happy, and here waiting

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