Ary Neesh

Christian Martínez(CM): Tell us about yourself, your full name, where are you coming from, what did you study, where do you live, what do you do.

Arianna Pareschi(AP): My full name is Arianna Pareschi but I’d rather be called just Ary. I come from a very small village in the region of Veneto in Italy where everyone knows each other and the main attraction is the calm. 

In my whole life I have always wanted to go far away and that costed me miles of journey day by day but maybe I’ve just always wanted to find myself. At the age of 13 it was time to choose the High School and even though I wanted to go to an Art School, my parents convinced me to choose the hotel & catering one for the simple reason that, in their opinion, it would have been easier to find a job after studying and my future would have been richer than just being an artist. I have always known that it’d be temporary, my life couldn’t be just so predictable and one day I would have become who I am.

 So when I finally got my Diploma I flew to Manchester to find what I was looking for, and I became all I wanted: I had a job that made me independent, I learned a new language, I met people from all around the world and I realised how good the changes were. My drawings slowly changed too, especially through the crisis I’ve been. I needed to express and communicate, Art was my way but I wasn’t believing it. Then one day I got to leave Manchester and that brought me another crisis how I’ve never been before, and I could not see any light anymore. Then one day my sister invited me to participate to an abstract painting competition who I immediately felt like it was meant to be mine and so I started painting like I’ve never done before and layer after layer my work came out. It was so colourful and I loved it, I finally felt satisfied with myself. I did not win, my painting was one of the last ones and even though there were a billions of people who had billions of likes, I was happy because that saved me. Since then, my hand started feeling FREE to be and I found my style which was a natural flow, I won inside of me. 

Anyways, I came back to Manchester and at the moment I support people with learning disabilities because I have so much to learn from them. 

CM : How is your life where you live?

AP: My life is richer now because I have found the love for myself and since I got into a new passion which is skateboarding, I’ve experienced the adrenaline that makes me feel alive so, it helps me going through life because we really need to do a lot of things for ourselves, the more we experience is the more we change and the more we do the more we will get to know our inner selves. I have gone through a lot of fears and my hand feels more FREE as well. 

CM: Share us the vision of your art, what is looking to reflect, what are the elements that inspires it?

AP: I get a lot of inspiration from the people and the nature because it’s all Energy that flows, like when the Sun’s up and inspires us to do a lot of things outside. I want to transmit what I feel, that I get from the people and the environment, and I love using a lot of colours because they’re the emotions and hopes. 

CM: Can you share us a dream or a goal?

AP: My dream is to give as much as I can to everybody, because Art is everyone’s drawing and we all share it. Yes, I draw it but it comes from different worlds that are made of connections, so we all deserve a bit of it. 

CM: What do you consider most valuable, the most important to strengthen and take care in society?

AP: We need to take care of ourselves, our minds are the motors that make everything work so, we all need to find our happiness because life is one and isn’t worth to be spent in things we just ACCEPT. I believe in CHANGES. 

CM: What is the ingredient o element that you consider necessary to enhance the quality of life?

AP: Happiness and the strength to move situations in order to make us change for the BETTER. 

CM: How do you think is going to be the New Reality after the Covid-19 pandemic?

AP: Covid-19 has made a lot of people sad and I see there’s less humanity. I hope everyone will find their way even though the society is changing itself and including us.

CM: What do you think about politics?

AP: I hate politics and powers, we’re all humans and there is no one on this world who is to make us feel inferior just because they have money. 

CM: How important do you think is the Philosophy and History in our lives?

AP: Just enough to make us realise and see how things were and could become.

CM: What is the media that you use more to get information of the daily facts?

AP: I use the media mainly but newspapers when I can. 

CM: If you had the power to change the world, what would you do?

AP: I would save everyone from the mental and physical slavery.

CM: Recommend us:

A movie: Forrest Gump

A musical artist: The Doors 

A book:  What dreams May come – Richard Matheson 

A plastic artist: Chris Dyer, Salvador Dalí.

CM: Thank you very much Ary. 

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