Rescuing Nadja

I  was not really hungry, the ambience was fine, many happy people, the place reminded me of Ronnie Scott’s for the bar with its mirrors behind the bottles of liquors, but when I looked around was more like my favourite Matt and Phred’s Club. The jazz band was fantastic, simulating  those rapid progressions  that John Coltrane did in that Giant Steps composition.  I was enjoying the rhythm, I ordered  the appetiser called Ain’t Nobody. I standed up to go to the toilets, in my way I realised that the restaurant had in some corners  little fences with roosters and chickens.

Somehow I got lost between the doors and corridors and I ended up being outside, I saw that beautiful sunset when unexpectedly there was a boy which was looking at me desperately.

-Sir, my sister Nadja is in that car and I can’t help her- pointed with his finger towards a close vehicle.

I walked towards it and I looked inside, the girl was in tears and there was a man trying to turn on the vehicle. I asked him why he was taking away the girl.

-Better go away if you don’t want to be in troubles- pulling his shirt up and showing me a gun in his belt.  

I was afraid but an energy of justice was firing my soul with courage, rapidly I opened the door and I pulled the girl outside telling her to run, the man got out  but I jumped to don’t allow him to put his gun against me, I took his hands strongly, I felt an incredible force inside me, I butted him and he fell, I heard some voices shouting and running towards me, so I decided to run, the children had gone.

It was a path that I recognised somehow, meanwhile I  was running upwards I looked behind and I saw three guys following me with guns in hand, I was very scare that I was running faster.

 I saw a huge tree with some roots  on the surface, like if it were a giant calamari, some of those wood tentacles were perfect to hide, so I stayed hidden in one of them. I saw those guys coming after me shouting, they could not see me hidden. I realised that near them,  there was a structure of around a meter tall, like an ancient pool, there was water inside, when suddenly from  those waters came out two giant  crabs,  like those painted by Vincent van Gogh but tremendously big, one of them immediately got two of those men with both tweezers, meanwhile the other giant went behind the other that was trying to scape and couldn’t do it, the three of them were shouting and crying when the two crabs returned back to the water with them in their huge tweezers. I was astonished and  full of gratitude with those giants that saved my life. I went back to the place where I was coming from and  I woke up.

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