Steven Gwilliam

Cr3ation Photography

Revista Nueva Realidad(RNR):Tell us about yourself, your full name, where are you coming from, what did you study, where do you live, what do you do. 

SG: My name is Steven Gwilliam(SG) and I am from Manchester, England. I have studied martial arts and I am a personal trainer. I enjoy hiking and have a love for the outdoors. It is my passion for the outside world that sparked my desire to capture these memories forever by taking photos.

RNR: How is your life where you live? 

SG: Life is good, I have 2 children who keep me busy. I live just outside the centre of Manchester. It is the perfect location to allow me to capture the most amazing inner city shots, yet with perfect motorway links to enable me to take shots of the serene countryside.

RNR: Share us the vision of your art, what is looking to reflect, what are the elements that inspires it? I want to show the finer details in life 

SG: I am inspired be seeing the work of others and I am inspired by all aspects of life from the flowers to the city walls.            I use Instagram as a tool. This tool allows me to see what is current and trending and the share my own vision, which will hopefully inspire others, thus creating an ongoing loop of inspiration and vision.

RNR: Can you share us a dream or a goal? 

SG: I like to set goals so I have things to aim for whether it is making money, improving my physique or having a happy family life. Goals enable you to strive for excellence and to have that perfect ideal to work towards. My goal in life is to be healthy and enjoy a fulfilled life with those around me.

RNR: What do you consider most valuable, the most important to strengthen and take care in society? 

SG: Your mind is the most important thing to strengthen, especially in current times. The world has changed so much in the last 8 months and we need to ensure that we look after our mind.

RNR: What is the ingredient or element that you consider necessary to enhance the quality of life? 

SG: Staying fit through exercise and eating healthy with meditation to focus the mind.

RNR: How do you think is going to be the New Reality after the Covid-19 pandemic?

SG: We are now living in the new reality. We need to allow our minds to adapt to change and to embrace it. It is the only way that, us as the human race can survive this pandemic and the life that comes after it. 

RNR: What do you think about politics? 

SG: I enjoy reading about politics; however, I do not like to discuss my views on the subjects. I will listen and respect people’s views but do not get too much involved. 

RNR: How important do you think is the Philosophy and History in our lives?

SG: It is very important to learn about our history and where we came from and is also interesting. Great use in further educate ourselves and in improve in different aspects in life.

RNR: What is the media that you use more to get information of the daily facts? 

SG: I use a computer I don’t read to much of the news as its all negative and not great for your mind. 

RNR: If you had the power to change the world, what would you do?

SG: Make a peaceful world where everyone was happy and we were all vegetarian. 

RNR: Recommend us…

A movie: Spirited Away

A musical artist: Pink Floyd , Enigma. 

A book: Kama Sutra

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