Matteo Debernardi (dialogue)

Cristian Martínez: Tell us about yourself, your full name, where are you coming from, what did you study, where do you live, what do you do.

– Hello everyone, my name is Matteo Debernardi, and I come from a little town of 7000 inhabitants near Turin, in Italy. I’m 21 years old, and I live in Manchester, UK. I work as a bartender in a pub. I like my job, but I know that I won’t do it for the rest of my life. I studied languages when I was in high school (English, French and Spanish) so I want to use this job to travel around and get better in speaking and than, who knows.

Cristian Martínez: How is your life where you live?

– My life is pretty good. I’m happy with it, ´cause I had the lucky to be born in the good side of the world.

Cristian Martínez: Share us the vision of your art, what is looking to reflect, what are the elements that inspires it?

– First thing first, I don’t consider that I do poetry, or myself an artist. I write because I think all the time and sometimes I just have a stream of words that I have to put on paper, ´cause I feel that I have to do it. People can see their own meaning into what I write, if they feel like reading it. I don’t make rhymes easily, cause 95% of the time I start writing and than I have to read, beacause I don’t know what I wrote.


Yesterday I was looking at a picture
There was an old man
Selling his oranges in the streets
He was looking so tired
And I couldn’t help but to ask myself
Where’s this man collecting his satisfaction?
He’s under the hot sun, and no one is paying attention to him
But I suddenly realized
That his oranges were his satisfaction
Cause they were
Even if just for a short period of the year
The result of an entire life of hard working

He was looking proud
With his oranges near him, ready to be tasted by people
And that is the moment when I understood
That loving and caring

For anyone
For anything
Is why we’re alive
We’re alive
To put ourselves in something, or someone
A plant
A cat
A person
To put a seed, either in earth or in hearts
And watch it grow
Till is gonna come the day
Where the future is gonna embrace the past
That day

It’s today
It was yesterday
And it’s gonna be tomorrow

Cristian Martínez: Can you share us a dream or a goal?

– My biggest dream would be seeing the world under a unique flag, or even better, no flag at all. But I also know this is just an utopia today. My goal is to live a life full of experiences and having a job that I like but I’m not interested in making tons of money

Cristian Martínez: What do you consider most valuable, the most important to strengthen and take care in society?

– We should care more for each other

Cristian Martínez: What is the ingredient or element that you consider necessary to enhance the quality of life?

– Sad to say, although I said that I’m not interested in making tons of money, which is true, in this cold and schematic world, money are the measurement of the quality of life, of the welfare. So in my opinion, everyone should earn enough to live without being desperate if they broke their car. Because when they don’t have to be worried, they can learn, study, be relaxed, inform themselves. Culture is what really raise the quality of life. We’re not anymore in the Middle Ages where the pope says that we’re gonna go to hell and we do what he says. We’re starting to take our rights ´cause new generations studies more and more, and we can build our own thoughts. Governments knows that, and little by little, changes are coming. In 60-80 years there is gonna be nobody attacking gay people, cause nobody will think anymore that is something wrong, ´cause, unlike people who govern us, we have studied.


Today I’ll speak again
Whispering words to the wind
Hoping they’re gonna reach the minds
There was a boy
Who was thinking about this world
Who wasn’t understanding this world
Too schematic
Where the freedom is only in your thoughts
Time keeps enrolling, bus keeps passing, and that boy keeps losing them
And he keeps thinking

What’s the happiness?
Happiness is when you look outside the window, and you feel more warm cause the world is living
But is there any sense living like we do?
Is there any sense in going to work, just for earning money?
Just for spending money
Buying material things cause we think that things are gonna bring us happiness
Trying to prevail on each other
Happiness is not there, is not that
That is just a good built illusion

Is walking in the nature, hearing the birds singing
Is doing something because you care, and not because you want something in return
Is using your money to make a present for someone
Is cooking for who you love
And feeling warmer after you’ve seen their smiles
Is giving your coat to the person you love even if you’re freezing cause you don’t want them to freeze
Happiness is holding the hand of who you love, forgetting about tomorrow
And falling asleep embraced
Happiness is given by the person you want to see happy
And it’s real

Cristian Martínez: How do you think is going to be the New Reality after the Covid-19 pandemic?

– Honestly, I have no idea. I hope it’s going to be back to normal soon. There’s gonna be more fear, maybe

Cristian Martínez: What do you think about politics?

– I don’t like politicians. Any of them. There are someone who I think are more qualified than others but that doesn’t mean I like them. I’m anarchist, not the one that goes breaking cars like you’re thinking (those are just insurrectionist), but the one who dreams a world where everyone respect everyone and no governments are needed. As I said, I know it’s an utopia

Cristian Martínez: How important do you think is the Philosophy and History in our lives?

– They are extremely important! They give us instruments and knowledge, and we can think for ourselves instead of watching the news and think what the tv wants

Cristian Martínez: What is the media that you use more to get information of the daily facts?

– I use all of them. Newspapers, tv internet, social media. I read the same fact from 3/4 different perspectives, I analyze it, and I try to understand what has really happened. Most media lies, or say wrong things, just for clickbating or selling more


How are you gonna feel tomorrow?
What are you gonna search for tomorrow?
Are you gonna fight for your goals?
Or are you gonna give it up?
Are you gonna take the hand of your life?
Or are you gonna watch it passivly?
We all must care for each other
Or not care about anything at all
Get yourself in the woods
And think
Think of what you wanna do
To heal this mad world
And if you can do nothing
Keep thinking about it
Cause that is doing something
Is gonna come a day
Where everyone is gonna think about healing this world

And that day is gonna be the day in where the world is gonna heal
To find that healing
Find something
To care
And from there
From all of us charitable
Is gonna blossom the healing
for this mad world

Cristian Martínez: If you had the power to change the world, what would you do?
Is it childish saying revolution?

– Man, I’m a dreamer

Cristian Martínez: Recommend us…
A movie: Memento

A musical artist: Manu Chao

A book: Jean Paul Sartre – Nausea

A plastic artist: I don’t what it means plastic artist, but my favourite is Salvador Dalí.

Cristian Martínez: Thank you very much Matteo.

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