Blanca’s night

By Tlemoyotl

Why didn’t you come back to me?

why didn’t I go to stay with you?

why did you say things so deep?

why didn’t I hold your hand too?

Salsa music was the path of attraction 

you said you had someone somewhere 

but your bright eyes demanded me some action

so the bodies dancing encountered themselves 

At Highgate Cemetery park we were

sowing a ethereal flower of love

delicate drizzle and your tenderness 

calling me slighly to reach your soul

Also was the marvellous Camden Town

the place were I hold your heart

close to mine beside the busy canal 

in a sunny day at Inspiral, that beautiful past

Or perhaps, the Cherry Tree park at night

close to East Finchley station tube

where you were working everyday very hard

and making love on the chair below the moon

Not to mention Oxford road where we first met 

waiting for me with the excitement on your lips

telling me shyly “why are you so late”

meanwhile your smile was a fabulous trip

I don’t know why I still remember those moments

whether I know the years have gone and you with him

you were supposed to pass like a river’s current

but it was not so easy, just read and see me

why did you take that flight to Madrid?

why didn’t you come back to me

why were the tears not so strong and deep?

why didn’t I go there to live and see?

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