Matteo Debernardi

Nowadays, an almost hierarchical crisis of our «modern» democratic systems is becoming increasingly clear, and the events that occurred 06/01/2021 in the US are a clear example of this. Liberal democracy must be able to react to the constant populist waves of recent times, by their subversive and fascist nature, which, unlike the class struggle, only benefit those who are already rich, and the risk of a civil war is becoming increasingly realistic, both in the Old and in the New world. However, the crisis has deeper roots than squabbles between right and left. Liberal democracy has somehow failed the people, making promises never kept, promoting a fake social equality, which has never been realized. Masses of uneducated people are exhorted to include themselves in decision-making processes of which they do not even understand the extent, causing discontent in people who instead weigh decisions, and consents are now nothing more than bargaining chips to decide who should rest their ass on the throne. Democracy needs to be reworked, with an accurate reconstruction of society, to insert aside the ideology of the individual in favor of a pragmatic ontology that deals with individuals, and the reconstitution of the Public Good instead of the Private, without necessarily eradicating one of the two, but with a coexistence based on the privatization of individual goods and a common use of means of production and common goods (electricity, water) especially in the professional field. Only in this way democracy will be able to fulfill its truest meaning, the government of the people.

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